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The two current owners at Niles Color Center go back a long way.  It all started in the early 50's when one of the owners went into his family's paint business.  Years later in the middle 60's the other owner also went into his family's paint business.  Coincidently the two owners went into the same type of business, but were working in two different family owned paint stores.

This brought many new adventures for the two young owners.  They both started from the ground up by doing smalls tasks such as delivering paint, cleaning the stores, unloading trucks, putting stock away and other various jobs.  Little did the two know that their work at a young age would pay off in their futures.  Each learned the secrets of their own family businesses: everything from the purchasing and sales along with the business knowledge.

In the 60's the first partner learned the floor and wood finishing business.  Then in the early 70's the two partners finally met.  With his new knowledge of the flooring business, the first partner taught his new partner everything he had learned. 

By the late 70's the two partners were working together for another company.  In 1985 the two made a decision that would change their lives.  Bringing over 60 years of experience together, the two owners decided to open their own store.  They searched numerous possible locations for their store, but settled for a modest building on Milwaukee Road in Niles, IL.

Their most difficult task at this point was choosing the most knowledgeable employees for their new store.  They wanted only staff who could find answers to customers problems and questions.  Many of the original staff members of Niles Color Center are still working there today, 15 years later!

Today Niles Color Center provides numerous services to the public.  They sell all kinds of finishing supplies, tools, machines (repairs also!) and can give you quotes on flooring.  They are still in the paint and wall covering business and still sell window treatments.

Above we have three employees of NCC who combine for over 70 years of experience.  From left to right Michael, Dennis (owner), and Tom.

Still have questions??  Give us a call at (847) 967-9585 or simply drop us an email at Colorcenter@aol.com


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